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Dog's Portrait

We offer a variety of grooming services to suit your individual dog's needs. We are passionate about providing quality care that is stress-free for your dog. It doesn't hurt that they'll look and feel good too. 




Full Service Bath:


A full service dog bath offers a comprehensive cleaning and grooming experience for your furry friend. It typically includes a warm water bath using premier coat-specific shampoos and deep coat conditioners to cleanse their fur and skin thoroughly. The groomer will then carefully hand dry and brush out your pup. Additionally, a full service dog bath often includes nail trimming and dremmeled, and ears wiped or plucked as needed.. This pampering experience not only ensures your dog looks and smells great but also promotes their overall health and well-being.

Full Service Haircut:


With our full haircut service, we will not only remove all that excess hair but also shape and style your dog's coat to perfection. Whether you have a small dog or a giant breed, we can handle any size and any type of coat. We take pride in using only the finest grooming tools and products to ensure your dog's safety and comfort. 



We offer a-la-carte extras to further customize your pet's grooming experience. Select from:

  • Hair feather

  • Nail Pawlish

  • Massage

  • Mud Bath

  • Gland expression

  • Teeth Brushing

  • Exfoliating Treatment and more! 

Don't see something? Ask us! We will be happy to customize your pet's grooming experience! 

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